Life is too short for indecision or second guessing: listen to your intuition

About ten years ago, I used to carry my Polaroid Land Camera everywhere I went, as the SX-70 was my favorite photography medium of all time. Sadly, it is no longer made. For those who do not know about this amazing film, it is the only Polaroid film that had a soft emulsion that allowed for manipulation. While the picture was still fresh, a blunt, rounded object, could be used to push the surface of the film. The end result was a photograph that looked like a painting, like a Van Gogh.

One day, I was walking out of the bookstore and the sun was setting. I walked past one of the water mains you see in shopping centers or industrial complexes. There was a pink box on the front that caught the light in a wonderful way. I thought to myself: beautiful, would make a nice picture. Yet, I kept walking to my car. At the other end of the parking lot, with key in the door lock, I stopped. My intuition screamed at me, take the picture!

So, I did.

What resulted, is to me, the most beautiful and amazing photo I have ever done, and for the next month I drove around looking for unique water mains and took several pictures. This moment in life taught me: listen to your intuition, the part that is your soul, always connected to our highest truth, for you will never be led astray.

Even the camera is beautiful. I’m nostalgic.


Water Main Triptych.


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5 thoughts on “Life is too short for indecision or second guessing: listen to your intuition

  1. beadstork says:

    I never carry a camera because I work in a hospital, which is dim and greenish, and I’m not allowed to take pictures of the people there anyway. I need to just force myself because I’m always seeing pictures on the way home I wish I could stop and take.

  2. Jeni says:

    That’s a fantastic triptych, even more impressive when you consider the type of “editing” involved!

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