Interesting life events.

In today’s society, people can be a little obsessed with meeting celebrities. While there are some famous people I’d enjoy encountering, I don’t dwell on the idea much, and I don’t think I’d go insane with euphoria like a Beatle Maniac.

Looking back, I’ve had a literal brush with fame. Well, sub-pop culture fame anyways. For over fifteen years, I’ve been a huge fan of the Damned. I think Dave Vanian is one of the best vocalist of our times. One of my favorites at least. He’s also an intriguing persona. If you don’t know the Damned, check out their early 70′s work for the raw Vanian vocals on such tracks as New Rose, Neat Neat Neat, Smash It Up, and Disco Man.


I’ve been fortunate enough to see the Damned in concert twice, and on another occasion, I’ve witnessed his band: Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords. This band has a more Gothic, Rockabilly sound. So, I’m standing amongst the throng, with my brother, waiting for the show to start, and a man walks past brushing my shoulder.

Eyes widen. (the moment any Beatle Maniac would shriek and fall to the ground.) Dave Vanian just walked by me holding a fuckin’ Martini, looking awesome!

I don’t remember much of the actual show, but I remember that event. These are the interesting moments in life that stick with us, and I’d rather have this small memory with a low spectrum rock star that I actually care for and who’s had a profound effect on my life over some A-list celeb.

What are the interesting tidbits you remember?


A Rough 2014.

This year has started out pretty rough. I’ve been physically sick three times now, and I’m usually never ill. I’ve started to feel the weight of my age, and my car still hasn’t finished draining me of finance. But I have several things I know are blessings and take the time to recognize them: a promotion at work, my niece, taking photos again, my imagination, and the few friends who care for me as much as I do them.

I accomplished my New Year’s resolution from 2013 of reading two new books a month. A simple goal with a huge pay off. It felt tremendous to absorb so many stories, and it keeps the mind and imagination active. I think this is the best way to keep a brain young and healthy.

So, this year, I again set out for a simple goal. The problem with resolutions is we often set our plateau too high, and when we don’t reach it, we condemn ourselves. Instead of focusing on what I have not done, I will focus on what I’ve accomplished.

I purchased a wall calendar. Every day I do something creative, which for me is taking pictures, drawing, writing, or even reading, I will make a note of it. How many photos I took, how many pages of art, how many words, or how many hours I immersed my mind in other worlds. At the end of the year, I will look back at what I accomplished and rejoice.

It’s a simple shift of thinking to value the positive over the negative. It is in this, I have true faith health lives. We receive what we surround ourselves with, and I choose light, balance, bliss, and day long smiles.

I wish for all of you the same.


Photo by me.

An even better method of thinking than before.

Here is an altruistic idea:

Instead of giving people labels in regards to their sexuality, religion, politics, race, or any other thing we’ve warred over for countless years, let’s live with the identity of Human. I require nothing more than your happiness. Everything else is just a sampling of life, and I do not judge you for living.

Give from the heart, and you will receive in the soul.

A better way to think.

I have an idea:

Instead of worrying about if people are straight, gay, bi, tri, asexual, transexual, or pansexual, why not love people for being human? Bless them for their differences. This is what adds flavor to the stew of life. Why condemn people for things that really have no affect on you?

Love is free; hate cost everything.


Sit for peace. Photo by me.

Steel Pillow.

Some days I rise from slumber trapped between this world and the there after.

Encased in my mind.

Shifting from lucid aether to stark reality.

Sharp alarm calls me back, only for a moment, yet it is not enough to keep me from sinking.

Time is nothing.

Snooze sounds without visceral knowledge, and the clarion call fades.

For hours I shift.

Slow torture

I finally awake, I know: my soul desires freedom.